Debris Pickup Update

St. Tammany Parish post-Isaac debris pickup will begin this afternoon in the areas of Northshore Beach and Lakeview Drive. The debris will be picked up by contractors.

Homeowners cleaning up after storm damage should form three piles of debris curbside: vegetative, construction, white goods.
Vegetative debris (tree limbs)
Construction debris
White goods and Household Hazardous Waste (appliances)

Contractors will not pick up debris that has not been sorted into the three piles (vegetative, construction and white goods) as described above.

The debris contract will notify the St. Tammany Parish Dept. of Public Works of animal remains in the rights of way. Public Works will remove these remains.

St. Tammany Parish can only pick up debris on public property (rights-of-way). All debris piles must be placed in the rights-of-way. Debris haulers cannot and will not enter private property to pick up debris. The rights-of-way are generally the space between the utility poles or utility services and the roadway.

We will announce a subdivision pick-up schedule as soon as possible. All residents should have their debris on the rights-of-way by Monday.

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