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NEW ORLEANS -- Out of surgery and alert that's the latest update on Tulane University football player Devon Walker.

Walker underwent emergency surgery after a spine injury during Saturday's game.

Now fellow students are rallying to help. Two Tulane seniors came up with the idea of printing t-shirts with the football player's number and name.

They've gotten help from the university and Purple Monkey Design in the Bywater, which is donating some of the printing costs.

The tees will start going on sale on Friday, both on campus and online.

The goal is to raise $10,000 to help walker's family pay for medical expenses and other mounting bills.

'We were both former football players in high school so we knew it wasn't good, it wasn't what you want to see that's for sure,' said senior Jesse Schwartz.

'Our goals, we know they're lofty, but we're hoping to do as much as we can for his family to cover all the expenses with what's going on,' said senior Brad Girson.

If you'd like to buy a t-shirt to help support Walker's recovery, click here. For more from Tulane on how you can help Walker, click here.

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