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METAIRIE, La. Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel isn't such a fan of the Ying Yang Twins.

But he is a fan of 'Stand Up and Get Crunk.'

Which means he's in quite the pickle on Sunday when the New Orleans Saints host his Chiefs in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome listen often to a song he seems to like and lose or get deprived of what has become a tradition and fail to hear the song as his defense holds.

Regardless, he's looking forward to his first experience in the Superdome.

'I think it's one of the only stadiums I haven't been at before so I'm super excited to be there,' Cassel said Wednesday.'I know it's a great atmosphere and I'm looking forward to hearing that song that comes on, (from) the Ying Yang Twins when I get there. I keep hearing about it.'

The dance-inducing song has been played at the Superdome before kickoffs after a Saints touchdown since 2009, the Super Bowl season.

The song and stadium-swaying dancing are as much New Orleans tradition now as Rebirth Brass Band and beignets.

And the tradition is becoming well-known around the NFL, one that makes New Orleans a place opponents don't mind playing in.

'Whenever you watch their games, because they have a lot of primetime games, you get to see the atmosphere and the environment is an exciting environment to be in and play at as well,' Cassel said.

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