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METAIRIE, La. New Orleans Saints interim coach Aaron Kromer has seen everything fans see so far this season.

The turnovers. The penalties. The long runs given up on defense. The fourth-down conversions by opponents.

But he refuses to put his head in the sand and ignore what has happened, starting this week like it's Week 1 and not Week 4.

That, he said, would be the wrong thing to do.

'No, you can't rid of everything,' Kromer said Wednesday. 'You have to look at what's gone wrong and what the problem has been. Obviously, mentally, you have to put the frustration behind you so you can have positive energy to do the right thing.

'We definitely have to learn from the past so we can carry on in the future and have more success.'

The Saints are 0-3 for the first time since 2007, a season in which many of those currently on the roster weren't around for, including Kromer.

Nevertheless, the interim coach doesn't feel like the team has been affected by the start in an overly negative way. He believed that the team showed focus and determination Wednesday, the first day of practice since the team blew a 24-6 late third-quarter lead against Kansas City.

'The message today was that we are not playing good enough. We are not playing well enough at this point,' Kromer said. 'We need to find a way to play well enough to win a game and that's what it comes down to. We have to do a better job coaching, we have to do a better job playing and then things will turn around. If we look for other things to happen, it's not there. That's what it comes down to.'

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