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NEW ORLEANS A 14-year-old arrested in connection with at least two armed robberies in the Uptown area Tuesday and Wednesday was wearing ankle monitoring bracelet that wasn't working properly, according to a statement from Sheriff Marlin Gusman.

'Last evening, a 14-year old juvenile enrolled in the Orleans Parish electronic monitoring program was arrested on a charge of armed robbery,' said Gusman.

'A preliminary investigation by the Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office has determined that OmniLink's monitoring equipment ceased to communicate with the central monitoring office, which resulted in the Sheriff's Office viewing old data.'

In a few hours Tuesday and early Wednesday, four armed robberies took place Uptown -- First Street and St. Charles Avenue, the 2300 block of Marengo, 3600 block of St. Charles Avenue and near Delchaise and Camp streets --- including two carjackings. The carjacking at Delchaise and Camp streets ended with the victim shot in the chest. The 14-year-old is suspected to be involved with at least two of those robberies. He was arrested along with another juvenile in connection with the robberies in the 9th Ward.

'In accordance with our review of this situation, the Sheriff's Office has initiated an internal investigation into the equipment, as well as the personnel monitoring this client. The Sheriff's Office is working with the New Orleans Police Department in the investigation of last night's incident, in an effort to determine the level of involvement of this juvenile in any crime,' said Gusman.

The 14-year-old suspect was wearing the ankle bracelet after an arrest for possession of marijuana. He was ordered to wear the bracelet on Sept. 26 by Juvenile Court, according to the sheriff's office.

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