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NEWORLEANS, La. - Residents dealt with the headache of having to boil water until early Tuesday afternoon with many confused about what was and wasn't safe.

At Elizabeth's restaurant in the Bywater, business was not as usual.

'I went and bought five gallons of water this morning if somebody wants a glass of water,' said Elizabeth's Chef and Owner Bryon Peck.

Peck said the boil water advisory that the New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board issued Monday left him trying to figure out how to open Tuesday for brunch and still keep customers safe.

Others kept their shops closed until water safety tests came back from the Sewerage and Water Board.

'I thought it must be nice for them. For me it's not an option. Everybody wants to be careful. Nobody wants to have any problems,' Peck said.

Many schools had to close for the day leaving many parents scrambling. Jennifer Moseley decided to try and make the most of it, by taking her kids to an Uptown park to play.

'My girls' school was canceled and we needed to kill some time and it's a beautiful day,' Moseley said.

She and her husband had to juggle work and having the kids at home.

'I'm happy that school is canceled,' said Zoe Moseley.

Not to mention trying to get things done while under a boil water advisory.

'We've been using and cooking with like our Kentwood bottle water. So, we've been using that. That's come in real handy,' Moseley said.

Both residents and restaurants said they were left confused about what is and isn't safe under an advisory.

But by mid-afternoon, the Sewerage and Water Board issued a statement saying bacteriological tests confirmed the water was safe and both the advisory and their concerns were lifted.

The Sewerage and Water Board recommended people flush their lines by letting the water run for several minutes before using it to drink.

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