NEW ORLEANS An Eyewitness Investigation has forced the state to take immediate action.

The investigation by reporter David Hammer uncovered serious allegations surrounding state programs that dole out millions of dollars.

The subjects of the investigation are major donors to Governor Bobby Jindal.

Eyewitness News needed to use lawyers to get all the documents that were requested, but after some digging, Governor Jindal acknowledged that there are serious allegations.

The allegations surround businesses owned by a local family with major interests in real estate.

Those businesses, a construction company and a home elevation firm, have made hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars for post-Katrina recovery work.

A former employee told Eyewitness News that taxpayers paid for him and others to be on one project, while they were really working on other things.

'They hired way more than they needed,' he said. 'Because every employee got eight hours a day regardless if they did one inspection or 100.'

At 10 p.m., in an Eyewitness Investigation, David Hammer follows the trail of documents from state contracts to the actual time sheets and reveal exactly what we've found.

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