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NEW ORLEANS Hornets guard Eric Gordon will be out indefinitely coach Monty Williams said as the team and medical staff figure precisely what is ailing the veteran's right knee.

Williams didn't go into details of what's wrong with Gordon on Wednesday after the team's morning practice session. Instead, he sounded as perplexed as those who were asking the questions.

'The way I understand it is he's going to be out indefinitely until we get more clarity on what's going on,' Williams said.

When later asked if Gordon's absence was a medical issue or a something else, Williams didn't sound completely positive that it was a problem with the knee.

'I'm sure it's got to be medical,' Williams said. 'The guy he can't just not play. It's got to be medical. At this point of the year, everybody is excited to play. I'm sure it's medical.'

Gordon was unavailable for comment.

Williams has spoken with physicians caring for Gordon. But that hasn't provided any more clarity in what's wrong with Gordon.

'I've checked with Doc but for him to explain to me what's going on with his body and then to have Eric feel a certain way doesn't matter,' Williams said. 'If Doc says one thing but the guy is feeling another, what am I supposed to say?'

Entering his fifth season and second with the Hornets, Gordon was expected to be a game-changing shooting guard. He signed a four-year, $58 million contract this offseason after New Orleans matched Phoenix's free agent offer.

Gordon didn't play in every preseason game and was shut down during the second half of the October schedule to rest his knee. But that apparently didn't work.

'It's more than a blow. It is what it is,' Williams said. '... It's an unfortunate situation.'

Rookie Austin Rivers will take Gordon's spot.

'He's going to learn and get better,' Williams said. 'I'm sure he's overwhelmed but he's not afraid. I'm sure he's excited about playing but I'm sure he's nervous about it.

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