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NEW ORLEANS -- Acclaimed New Orleans musician Glen David Andrews pleaded guilty today in Orleans Parish court to domestic violence and aggravated assault charges.

In a plea deal with state prosecutors, the 32-year-old trombone player confessed to threatening and strangling his on-again, off-again girlfriend earlier this year. The case centered on two separate incidents with the victim.

Criminal District Court Judge Benedict Willard issued a three-year suspended sentence, which means Andrews will avoid jail time, records show. Willard also ordered Andrews to serve three years of active probation, and to stay away from the victim.

The musician was initially charged with attempted murder, but eventually pleaded to domestic violence by strangulation and aggravated assault, both felonies. Christopher Bowman, spokesman for the Orleans Parish District Attorney's Office, noted that it was a difficult case and the plea deal was agreed upon by prosecutors, the victim and Andrews.

'The issues we were faced with unfortunately we have to deal with in a lot of domestic violent cases and that's a less than fully cooperative victim,' Bowman said.

Thursday evening, Andrews released a message on Twitter: 'Let he without sin cast the first stone? Thank God for all I'm going thru its helped humble. Myself an put my past behind me!'

His attorney said this summer that Andrews entered a drug rehabilitation program at a Massachusetts treatment center. The raspy-voiced, self-proclaimed Crown Prince of Treme has talked candidly about his issues with drugs and his struggles with sobriety in the past.

Andrews was arrested in 2008 for possession of cocaine, and he pleaded guilty to possession of drug paraphernalia. He completed his probation in July 2011.

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