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Former WWL-TV anchor Michelle Miller got to come home to her adopted hometown recently, to profile another part-time New Orleanian: actor John Goodman.

The interview will air Sunday Nov. 18 on 'CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood.' The program can be seen Sunday at 8 a.m. on WWL-TV Channel 4. It is a special food-themed broadcast of the program, appropriate since NewOrleans food is just one reason Goodman, a St. Louis native, says he keeps coming back here.

'There was just something about the place,' Goodman tells Miller. 'The air carries music. The air carries the aroma of food. You smell the river. You can smell the sea. I don't know, it's ooh la la.'

Goodman and Miller met at Commander's Palace, which the network points out just happens to be three blocks from his Garden District house.

'There he talks about some of his latest roles, his family and giving up alcohol five years ago,' CBS said in a press release. 'If I don't pick up that first drink, I'm fine,' Goodman says. 'Let the demons chase me, and they can knock all they want. I'm not home.'

Goodman says he's learning what the important things are in life, 'which are petting my dogs, saying hi to my wife, looking at this beautiful city. Little things that I just missed or I just slept through for 30 years.'

Goodman and his wife have a 22-year-old daughter, Molly, an aspiring filmmaker.

When asked by Miller if he has been a good father, Goodman said the jury is still out.

'I could have been a lot better, let's put it that way,' he says. 'But the way things look now, I don't think I did too much damage.'

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