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LAPLACE, La.-- It's a remaining bright spot, in the otherwise painstaking recovery of Joel Jolly's home.

'That's over $5,000 worth of suit up in there,' he said, pointing to his bright orange Mardi Gras Indian suit.

The suit -- made of intricate beads and feathers -- now sits in Jolly's garage. It was damaged when 3 feet of water swamped his home in LaPlace during Hurricane Isaac.

'I wore it one time,' he said. 'But I'm going to rebuild the house and I'm going to rebuild the suit next.'

Jolly and many of his neighbors are in the midst of putting their homes and their lives back together. For some, rebuilding means traveling a tough road. Jolly described what is the hardest part for him.

'Family -- dealing with everybody, the wife, everybody getting upset and getting on each other's nerves, you know?' he said.

Nearly three months after Hurricane Isaac, debris piles still litter neighborhoods on the east bank of St. John Parish. The recovery there has been slow-going.

'For the majority of people, they still aren't back in their houses yet. They still are rebuilding. Some people are still fighting the insurance companies,' said St. John Parish Councilman Michael Wright, who represents District 5.

Though the area was affected by Hurricane Isaac's floodwater, Wright said, despite what happened, there is one big thing to be grateful for in St. John.

'You know, we evacuated about 6,000 people, within that first stretch of the hurricane -- and not a single life was lost,' Wright said. 'I think we were extremely, extremely fortunate, given the circumstances, not a single life was lost.'

Joel Jolly shares that sentiment. As he looked around his home, he shared what he is grateful for on this Thanksgiving.

'Being here,' Jolly said. 'Still living.'

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