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WASHINGTON -- Sen. David Vitter made his first public comments Sunday about the future of U.S. Attorney Jim Letten.

Letten has been under fire in recent weeks after two scandals involving high-ranking members of his office. His first assistant, Jan Mann, was demoted recently for allegedly blogging about cases.

Louisiana's two senators make recommendations to President Barack Obama about whether Letten should continue to serve.

Landrieu said the scandals were 'troubling and unfortunate.'

Now Vitter, R-La., is weighing in, adding that the decision will be up to the Obama adminstration.

'I do think Jim has been a great leader, particularly in fighting corruption, which is a continuing problem in southeast Louisiana,' Vitter said. 'So I really admire him for that.'

Letten is currently the longest-serving U.S. attorney in the country.

He's a republican appointed by President George W. Bush and asked to continue serving by Obama after Landrieu and Vitter recommended him in 2008.

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