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NEW ORLEANS -- Just last week the wife of a man shot in his driveway, told us about the devastating health conditions that Sandy Kaynor was going through since the crime.

She also told of the battle she is fighting on his behalf against the medical system and his health insurance company.

There is still a huge uphill battle for the Kaynor family. They want treatment, not a nursing home.

'He will not be properly stimulated. He will not have an opportunity, a real opportunity to rehabilitate. We are talking about a brilliant man,' she said. 'I don't feel that my husband should have to suffer because he was shot in our drive way. He is a completely innocent victim in all of this. And I don't feel that he deserves to be scuffled aside.'

Since Grace Kaynor showed us the reality of a forever changed life after crime, Sandy, 53, has had some more hyperbaric oxygen treatments, something she says has helped his brain recover to the point where he can blink twice on command. But there is still controversy in the medical community over the effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygen and healing the brain.

While Sandy has had some more time in the hospital, Grace is still in limbo over a longer solution on treatment and a place for him to go.

But there is no shortage of hearts in New Orleans. Since the story, we have been inundated with people and companies and organizations wanting to help Grace and her son and special needs daughter in any way.

There is a fundraiser planned for Monday night from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the law firm of Jones Walker where Sandy works.

That's Downtown at 201 St. Charles Avenue on the 52nd floor. There will be food, drinks and entertainment and donations will be accepted at that time. For more information or questions, please contact Jane Heidingsfelder, Jennifer Kogos, or Chris Mann at (504) 582-8000.

If you can't go but want to donate, there is a medical fund set up at any Iberia Bank, or you can click here.

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