KENNER, La. - A State Police lieutenant working on a speeding enforcement detail was struck by a car that moved onto the shoulder of the road in an attempt to pass slower traffic, according to the State Police.

Lt. Robert Hodges suffered moderate injuries in the incident and he was taken to East Jefferson General Hospital for treatment.

The incident occurred around 7 a.m. on the 12-mile bridge between Kenner and LaPlace.

According to State Police, Lt. Hodges had stepped out of his vehicle and had the door opened when a Toyota Corolla driven by 20-year-old Kirby McCaskill was traveling in the left lane. State Police said the traffic in front of McCaskill's vehicle began to slow and he veered into the right lane in an effort to go around. His car also went into the right shoulder and struck Lt. Hodges and the front driver's side door of the vehicle.

State Police said McCaskill voluntarily submitted to a breath test in which no detectable alcohol was found. Following too close and speed are considered factors of the crash and charges are pending. The crash remains under investigation.

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