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ST. TAMMANY, La. -- An inmate who escaped from St. Tammany Parish deputies while working in a jail kitchen was captured Sunday night in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Anthony Lance Alexius, 26, was located at 9 p.m. at a hotel in Hattiesburg, according to St. Tammany sheriff's spokesmen. He was with a woman identified as his girlfriend, Melissa Ann Beck, 40.

The two were arrested without incident and booked by Hattiesburg Police as fugitives.

Detectives say Beck picked up Alexius, an inmate worker assigned to the St. Tammany jail kitchen, as he made his escape on Sunday morning.

Alexius was in jail on methamphetamine and other narcotics-related charges.

Officials say Alexius was picked up by an unknown person, now identified as Beck, around 11:15 a.m. after walking away from his work detail.

Alexius now faces an additional charge of simple escape, which may add up to five additional years to his sentence. Beck will be booked with assisting an escape and as an accessory after the fact.

Alexius was originally arrested December 5, 2011. He does not have a violent criminal record.

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