I would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy 2013 and beyond. It is my belief that if you concentrate and focus on becoming healthier, often times the result brings you greater happiness and enthusiasm in life. The better you feel physically, the better you are able to focus on the things you enjoy.

My hope is that you take the time now to plan out how you will be dedicated to healthier habits. Remember, habits can often be good or bad. Bad habits unfortunately can lead you down the wrong path, so make sure the habits you form are positive and contribute to a better physical and mental outlook.

It is so important to have concrete goals and a detailed plan of how you will achieve your goals. Without a plan, the more likely you will veer off the course. I would like to offer a few reminders on beginning your journey to good health. My top five tips to for a healthier New Year are:

Schedule - Your Annual Physical and Recommended Screenings know the status of your health by visiting your primary care physician. Your physician can help you make health decisions based on your current needs.

Get Motivated never begin by focusing on what you may have to give up for better health. Focus on the positives. Know that healthy decisions and habits will give you far more happiness and satisfaction.

Write Your Goals on a piece of paper make a list of your goals for 2013 and formulate a plan that will help you accomplish these goals. Post it in a visible place so that your goals are always in sight.

Create Your Support System make sure your family and friends know your goals and ask them to help. Also, invite them to join you. People with a good support system tend to have much better results than those who do it alone.

Make Time For Good Health your health has to be a priority. As you would a business appointment or scheduled event, make sure you budget time on your calendar to exercise, meditate and develop nutritious eating habits.

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