NEWORLEANS - Continuing to live up to its motto of serving the public good, the Rex Organization awarded $525,000 in grants to local educational groups this weekend, as the Carnival krewe hosted several Teach for America members at its float den.

31 educational groups and initiatives are sharing in $525,000 in grant money this year from Rex's Pro Bono Publico Foundation, the organization said at an event Saturday at its den on S. Claiborne Avenue.

The Pro Bono Publico Foundation, named after Rex'sLatin mottoPro Bono Publico, meaning 'forthe public good,'has been particularly generous to local charter school initiatives, and Saturday's event welcomed Teach for America members, who have played a large role in local charter schools.

'it's just a way that the Rex Organization can say thank you to these wonderful young children who are graduating with lots of opportunities around the country and around the world but instead they elect to come to New Orleans to educate our children,' said Storey Charbonnet, a leader of the Pro Bono Publico Foundation.

The King of Carnival formed the Pro Bono Publico Foundation after Hurricane Katrina, using fundraising initiatives to enhance its public service mission year-round.
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