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NEW ORLEANS -- Superintendent Ronal Serpas announced that he supports President Barack Obama's push to re-impose the ban on assault weapons.

The NOPD police chief said the ban would forbid domestic gun manufacturers from producing semi-automatic assault weapons and ammunition magazines holding more than 10 rounds, except for police or military use.

The International Association of Chiefs of Police says the proportion of assault weapons traced to crimes fell by 66 percent during the 10 years when the assault weapons ban was in effect.

'It is not up for debate of whether or not the use of assault weapons, specifically created to inflict mass casualties with high capacity ammunition chambers, should be banned,'Serpas said. 'The IACPand police chiefs around the nation support the president's call to reinstitute the assault ban legislation.'

The International Association of Chiefs of Police also wants to forbid the sale of armor piercing ammunition.

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