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NEWORLEANS - With the Super Bowl a little more than a couple of weeks away, news organizations from around the world are making their way to the Crescent City to cover the big event.

The Super Bowl Host Committee wants to put on the best event possible since 5,000 members of the media will be putting out stories on New Orleans based on the committee's presentation.

It will be more than sports reporters in the city. Business reporters, fashion reporters, feature reporters and more will also be in attendance.

The goal of the committee is to get the reporters away from the Mercedes-Benz Superdome and out into the city to tell the story of New Orleans.

Everyday the committee will release a series of messages to the media, including story ideas and things that they deem interesting about the city.

'There are so many great things happening. Our health care industry, education reforms, the fact that we are a new center for new media, entrepreneurship. We want to tell that story, because moving people into the city of New Orleans, having them put stakes in the ground here and in the region is helpful for everybody,' said Mark Romig of the Super Bowl Host Committee.

The committee sees the big game as a priceless publicity opportunity.

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