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NEW ORLEANS -- Sunday, as the final seconds of Super Bowl XLVII ticked away, crowds of Baltimore Ravens fans spilled out of numerous French Quarter clubs to celebrate.

'This atmosphere is amazing. Ravens came here in force and we're just loving it. Loving it,' said one fan.

'We traveled 18 hours down. Showing a lot of Ravens Pride,' said another.

Ravens and 49ers fans that weren't able to score tickets to the game squeezed into numerous clubs along Bourbon Street to watch.

'Our husbands are actually at the game and so they left us to our own devices here,' said 49ers Renee Mendoza, who hopped from bar to bar with a friend.

Matt Holman, a Ravens fan with family ties to the metro area, said simply being in New Orleans during the game was well worth it.

'Just a great experience,' he said. 'I had to come down here -- once in a lifetime event.'

It was an event that gave local businesses a huge boost, showcased the city on an international stage, and left many visitors craving more.

'This is one of the best atmospheres I've ever seen in my life. I'm really enjoying it,' said 49ers fan Ira Daniel.

'I used to think Chicago was the best city in America. No, New Orleans just trumped it,' said one Ravens fan.

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