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MARRERO, La. -The lifeless body of a three-year-old child was found inside of a Marrero home that smelled of gas fumes Wednesday morning shortly after the child's mother called police.

Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand said Desmond Brown as found on the floor inside the home under some clothes that his mother said she had been preparing to wash.

The child was pronounced dead on the scene. The Jefferson Parish coroner Dr. Gerry Cvitanovich said the cause of death for was homicidal asphyxiation.

According to Normand, the child's mother - Lakeshia Brown, called 911 before crawling out of a bedroom window to get out of the home that was locked shut from the inside.

Normand said officers arriving on the scene had to wait until the home was deemed to be safe and then they crawled in through the same window from which Brown escaped. The front door was blocked by an iron bar. Investigators examined the child's body. Normand said while there were some minor injuries on the child, there didn't appear to be anything that indicated they caused his death.

Normand said that in addition to the gasoline smell inside of the home, there were at least two containers of gasoline resting against the home. It is not known if the gas cans had any correlation to the gas smell inside of the home.

'There was a very strong smell of gasoline,' said JPSOspokesman Col. John Fortunato. 'They also determined that there were several cannisters of gasoline found on the right side of the home in the alleyway, so we're not sure at this time who the suspects are or whether or not there were any intentions whatsoever to set the house on fire.'

Lakeshia Brown was taken to the Investigations Bureau for questioning.

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