BRIDGECITY, La. - An 81-year-old woman died in a hail of bullets shot into a Bridge City home just before midnight, according to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office.

The incident occurred in the 300 block of 5th Street.

According to deputies, Doretha Richardson was found lying on the kitchen floor of her home, dead of multiple gunshot wounds. Deputies found bullet casings lining the street with a trail leading to Richardson's front door. Casings were also found inside of the home.

Deputies said two men were seen coming toward the house and firing.

Richardson was at home her grandson, his girlfriend and her three-year-old great granddaughter.

Neighbors said police have been frequent visitors to the home of the victim.

'That house, they've had cops there a lot,'said one neighbor. 'It's expected really that something would happen, but nothing this big.'

Police do not know if Richardson was the intended target or if there was more than one shooter.

Anyone with information on this homicide is asked to call the JPSO Investigations Bureau at 504-364-5300 or Crimestoppers.

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