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NEW ORLEANS -- It doesn't take long to find drivers through New Orleans who have been caught by a speeding or red light camera.

The cameras catch drivers, no matter where they're from. Now, though, one Northshore lawmaker believes where a driver is from should matter.

'What you've got is hundreds and hundreds of local governments in Louisiana -- a small portion of which allow for the traffic camera technology,' said state Rep. Paul Hollis, R-Covington.

Hollis pre-filed a bill Wednesday for the upcoming legislative session. In simple terms, the bill says only drivers who would be subject to paying those tickets are the ones who live in the city or parish where the cameras are installed, like New Orleans or Baton Rouge.

'My argument is the folks in St. Tammany Parish and throughout the state that haven't given authority to state government, to local government, they shouldn't be subject to these fines,' Rep. Hollis said.

Drivers had mixed reactions to the idea.

'If they break the rules, they can get away with it because they don't live here? I drive through New York or any other city -- if I break them, I'm penalized,' said Nabii Bastet of New Orleans.

Placido Corral is originally from Mexico, but does business in New Orleans, traveling between the city and the Albuquerque, New Mexico area. He said the cameras can be beneficial.

'I'm from Mexico and people just drive whatever they want and they can cause too many accidents,' he said. 'I don't mind having the cameras.'

The traffic cameras have been controversial since their initial installation and this is not the first time a proposed bill has tried to limit their reach. Last year, an effort to let voters decide if red light cameras should be installed failed in the state legislature.

'I think the bill I filed today is a creative way to solve the problem,' Hollis said.

The legislative session begins April 8th. Rep. Hollis said he's now waiting to hear from the Speaker of the House, as to what committee the bill will be assigned to.

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