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NEW ORLEANS -- Family, friends and New Orleans Police continued searching for a missing teacher Tuesday. 26-year-old Terrilynn Monette was last seen in Lakeview early Saturday morning.

It's been a difficult few days for everyone involved, including her second grade students.

The class took the time to make cards for Monette's family Tuesday. Their crayon drawings illustrated pictures of them with tears streaming down their faces and words of love for their missing teacher. They were sweet messages from her 2nd graders.

One wrote, 'I want Ms. Monette to be safe. I know she will be OK. We love Ms. Monette. And we want her back at school.'

Crisis counselors attended classes with the students to help the little ones deal with the fact that their teacher has been missing more than three days now.

'They are extra huggy this morning. They all wanted lots of hugs,' said Amy Hoyle, principal of the school.

A video circulated Tuesday of Monette teaching her class about fables. It was posted to Vimeo by Teach Nola, a non-profit organization that helped place Monette with the school.

In it, Monette talks to the class about the Big, Bad Wolf, 'I learned a lesson from this fable. My lesson was to not trust tricky people.'

'Yesterday, we called all parents to alert them of the situation so that they could be able to talk to their children and describe it in a way that they felt was best,' Hoyle said.

'It's been somber. You know it's been very quiet. The children are trying to understand what's going on,' said Ronda Jones, another second grade teacher at Woodland West.

Monette's fellow teachers and her family knew something was wrong early Saturday when Monette wasn't answering her phone or returning text messages.

'Her phone goes straight to voicemail. That's not like her. She's a phone person,' Jones said.

Family and friends continued trying to blanket the neighborhood with flyers like the ones posted Monday at Parlay's. That's the bar where Monette was last seen early Saturday morning.

Monette's fellow teachers worked to get yard signs made of Monette's picture to post around Lakeview and City Park.

'We're ready to get her back,' Hoyle said. 'Truly in fact, she is the most absolute wonderful teacher I have ever met,' Jones said, choking back tears.

They're begging anyone with information about Monette or about her black Honda Accord (Louisiana license plate number WUN494) to call New Orleans Police at (504) 821-2222.

Police said Tuesday that they had not yet found the man who may have been in the car with Monette on the morning of her disappearance.

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