NEWORLEANS- Whether you loved it or hated it, HBO's Treme is a wrap.

Now the show based on New Orleans is selling all of its prop and costume inventory to the public.

'Its four seasons full of props and set dressing. We have a lot of really great artwork from New Orleans artists,' said Treme associate producer Laura Schweigman.

It may have looked like your run-of-the-mill rummage sale but don't be fooled. Packed into an Algiers warehouse sit knick-knacks from HBO's Treme series. The show recently filmed its last episode ad now some of the items fans might recognize are up for grabs.

'We have a guest room so we thought that will make a nice little nightstand next to the bed,' said Uptown resident Benjamin Franklin. He and his wife had their sights set on furnishing their new home on Friday night.

'I'm in sensory overload in here. There is so much stuff and then to know its a part of Americana, a part of history you're buying into,' said Franklin.

HBO's Treme says anything that is not sold will be donated to local charities.

'I'm from Treme. I work in Treme and I wanted to display some of the items that were part of the series,' said Cheryl Austin.

Eyewitness News caught up with the Treme native on her second stop at the massive set sale. Austin says despite not being a big fan of the show the series was good for New Orleans.

'I know a real second line when I feel it. It all worked. It did bring not just national prominence to the neighborhood but it also provided jobs,' said Austin.

Treme's set sale is located at 701 Thayer Street in Algiers and its last day will be Saturday. Doors open from 7 am to 7 pm.

The show is also holding its costume sale on Monday and Tuesday at 1215 Prytania Street on the 5th floor.

Doors will also open from 7 am to 7 pm.

The show says all of its sales are cash only.

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