Scott Satchfield / Eyewitness News

In LaPlace's Cambridge Subdivision Sunday, volunteers worked side by side to help repair a severely flood-damaged home.

'All the drywall got rotted and all the flooring got rotted. We're doing all the drywall, replacing all the drywall and hanging it up,' said Zach Germany, a volunteer from Hot Springs, AR.

The repair project is one of about 200 that are now underway across St. John Parish, thanks to a program called Eight Days of Hope.

The faith-based organization assembles teams of volunteers from across the country to descend on communities that have been impacted by disaster, helping families rebuild.

This week, more than 2,500 volunteers are in the area to take on some of the heavy damage left behind by Hurricane Isaac.

'We have people from all different backgrounds coming together, all different skill levels coming together,' said Jeff Osborn, a volunteer from Garfield, AR.

Organizers said they recognize the need across St. John Parish is immense.

'We've worked 10 disasters. I've been all over the country and I was even taken aback. A lot of great work has been done, but there are still hundreds, if not a thousand homes or more, that are waiting for somebody to help them finish their home,' said Eight Days of Hope Co-Founder Steve Tybor.

'These people are still living this way and it breaks my heart that it is this way, and that's why I'm so thankful that I'm able to give some of my time and my family is willing to sacrifice me for a few days to come down and help rebuild their lives a little bit,' Osborn said.

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