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NEW ORLEANS -- A number of current and former employees of the U.S. Postal service held a rally Sunday to try and save Saturday mail service.

Other community members also joined in to save six-day service.

The rally happened outside the U.S. Customs House on Canal Street. It's just one of many planned across the country on Sunday.

They're urging everyone to contact their representatives in Congress to get them to support continued Saturday service.

'They claim how much they're gonna save. As many billions of dollars they're gonna claim, what about the lost revenue?' said Charles Vigee, the Letter Carrier Union president. 'People that need six-day delivery, they can go elsewhere to get it.'

'It's all about jobs,' said Steven Ancar, a U.S.P.S. letter carrier. 'I've got my 28 years, so I'm really just looking out for the younger carriers. We have a lot of new carriers that's just coming on.'

The most recent spending bill passed last week included mail delivery for six days to remain, though some lawmakers say the planned cut to five days should proceed.

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