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Saturday voters in Gretna go to the polls to pick their first new mayor in decades.

Friday, the two candidates seeking the office, Vincent Cox and Belinda Constant spent the day meeting and greeting and getting out the last minute vote.

'Just staying visible,' said Cox. 'Greeting people here at Casey Jones. It's a Gretna institution. A lot of people come here.'

'We're seeing as many people as we can probably see and of course I've got dedicated volunteers with me who've been with me every step of the way,' said Constant.

Longtime mayor Ronnie Harris is leaving the job to work in the private sector.

Cox and Constant now serve on the city council.

But they say they've learned new things about their hometown as they traveled the city running for Gretna's top office.

'Some of things I realize now is how engaged people really have been in seeing what the future holds for this city,' said Constant.

'You think it's a small city when you're driving it,' said Cox. 'But, it gets a lot bigger when you have to knock on every door. That's what I learned.'

This Gretna mayor's race is somewhat unusual in this day of attack politics. Both candidates have stayed away from the negative advertising and stuck pretty much to the high road during the course of this campaign.

'The race has been positive on both sides,' said Cox. 'We're both working hard. We're getting out. We're greeting people. We're delivering our platform.'

'Myself and my opponent are friends first and we get here from two different aspects and we find ourselves in a position where we have to run a race, but I've respected him every step of the way and appreciate that he's respected me as well,' said Constant.

Both candidates say managing the city's $14 million budget will be their biggest challenge as mayor.

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