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The New Orleans-based Carnival Cruise ship Conquest is one of two ships that helped rescue people aboard rafts in the Gulf of Mexico off of Key West, Fla., according to the Coast Guard.

The Conquest picked up 13 people from the Gulf of Mexico, according to the Coast Guard, and is taking the people to Key West.

According to the Coast Guard, the people were picked up from a 'rustic vessel.'

The Conquest spotted the 13 individuals in a raft around 4 p.m. about 40 miles from Key West, according to Lanie Morgenstern, a Carnival spokesperson. The 13 people were identified as Cuban nationals after they were taken aboard the ship, where they were given food, water and medical treatment.

The Carnival Conquest is expected to meet up with a Coast Guard cutter near Key West to transfer the individuals.

A Disney cruise ship also assisted in the rescue, according to the Coast Guard.

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