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NEW ORLEANS -- It has been less than a week since Louisiana State Police cleared nearly nine troopers of any wrongdoing in the detention of two teens. The incident was caught on surveillance video back in February.

New Orleans city officials held a special public meeting Monday night demanding more answers.

'I agree with our mayor, something was wrong. It didn't look right. And our chief of police Serpas. Something is wrong. This film didn't look right,' said one community member reacting to the findings of a Louisiana State Police investigation.

Video shows 17-year-old Sidney Newman and 18-year-old Ferdinand Hunt standing against a wall the Sunday before Mardi Gras waiting for Hunt's mother.

Suddenly, a group of plainclothes officers show up and tackle the teens to the ground.

'My thoughts are it's difficult not to see an abuse of force there,' said New Orleans Councilwoman Susan Guidry.

Last week, Louisiana State Police said the troopers in the video did no wrong.

'The bottom line is, no one was struck, no one was hit, no was kicked, no weapons were displayed drawn or used,' said Louisiana State Police Superintendent Col. Michael Edmonson.

In response, councilmembers Susan Guidry and LaToya Cantrell held a special meeting at City Hall on Monday night putting Edmonson and Louisiana State Police in the hot seat.

'You all started it, and these young people did not appear to be doing anything that was relative to anything that is outlined all these bullet points,' said Cantrell, referencing an outline from State Police of the Mardi Gras detail it conducted.

At the meeting, Edmonson maintained his troopers did no wrong.

'I believe the appropriate action was taken. When you looked at the officers involved in this incident, they collectively have over 81 years of service and none of them have ever had a complaint of misuse of force,' said Col. Edmonson.

'I strongly suggest that Mr. Edmonson reassess himself and the situation. I suggest that he resigns his post,' said Hazel Newman addressing the audience.

Her son, Sidney, was one of the two teens approached by those plainclothes officers.

'It is unfortunate and I am sincerely sorry that Col. Edmonson feels it is proper to allow his officers to violate our children's constitutional rights,' added Newman.

Guidry said state police wouldn't provide her with a copy of their report because it is not public record yet.

Guidry also says the NOPD declined to attend Monday night's meeting because the incident is still being investigated.

State police forwarded the findings of its investigation to the FBI, which is now reviewing the case.

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