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NEWORLEANS- On the heels of Saturday's overwhelming defeat of the Crescent City Connection tolls, toll tag holders now want to collect the money in their accounts.

Monday, there was a steady stream of toll tag holders doing just that.

'It's a little arduous,' said David Townsend. 'Why you got to fill out a W-9 Form and give them a picture of your ID and then right a letter. I mean this should be pretty easy. You should come in, give them your toll tag and get your refund.'

'Now, they're making me do all kind of more paperwork to get $10 back for this tag and I don't think it's right,' said James Hill.

Department of Transportation and Development spokeswoman Bambi Hall says there's a good reason for all that paperwork.

'The W-9 is required by the IRS as well as DOTD. It's a document that proves you are the person who is owed the money and that you in fact received the money.'

Toll payers now want to know if the state's going to give them a refund for the tolls they paid for between January 1, when the tolls were supposed to roll off the CCC and March 5, when a judge suspended the tolls.

'Fair is fair,' said toll tag holder Alfred Parker. 'When they asked us to pay it, we paid it and now we should be refunded.'

State Representative Pat Connick, R-Marrero says DOTD is working on a plan to refund the $3.2 million.

He says half of the money was collected by credit card, the other half in cash at the toll booth.

'We don't know where the cash came from and what DOTD is proposing is to give that issue to a court to look at,' said Connick. 'It's called a concursus proceeding and let the judge see the best way to hand it back to the public.'

Connick also says work to dismantle to the toll booths could begin as early as next week.

'They've got several booths that got to take down and all the equipment and electronic equipment and that's going to take some time,' said Connick.

A reminder from DOTD, if you want to close out your bridge account you must:

- provide a valid driver's license

- complete a standard closure form

- complete a W-9 form

- provide a statement requesting to close the account.

- be prepared to wait an hour or longer if you're requesting a check the same day.

Forms and other information are available on the DOTD website:

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