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CHALMETTE, La. Federal drug agents seized heroin, assault rifles, body armor and nearly $11,000 in cash in a recent operation in Chalmette, La., the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff's Office said Monday.

Additionally, marijuana and two handguns were found as six people were arrested in connection to the seizures, officials said.

'This is a large amount of heroin to be seized in St. Bernard Parish but we also glad to get the stolen assault rifles, body armor, hand guns and marijuana off the streets,' Sheriff James Pohlmann said.

The heroin, registering in at more than five ounces, is worth at least $15,000, Pohlmann said. The two assault rifles had been stolen and two pounds of marijuana were found.

According to Pohlmann, federal Drug Enforcement Agency officials identified Terrence Tyler, 23, and Kwydwn Shields, 23, of Chalmette as the main suppliers in the operation. Neither have previous felony criminal records, the sheriff said.

In addition to the heroin and marijuana, Pohlmann said more than $1,600 in cash was found at their house.

Tyler and Shields, along with four others, were arrested on May 2 while the investigation continued.

Investigators went to a house Tyler allegedly owned, the sheriff said, and found three men Wilbert Smith Jr., Calvin Crump and Joseph Randolph standing outside. As officers approached, they found a bag with 2.3 grams of heroin on the ground, Pohlmann said. All three men were arrested.

Smith granted police permission to search his house but upon finding marijuana, he recanted and said a warrant would be required to search any further. Upon obtaining the warrant, officers found more than $9,000 in cash hidden in clothes in a closet.

Uneike McGrew, who lived at Smith's house, was arrested for the marijuana.

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