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NEWORLEANS-- Suspects opened fire on a crowd of hundreds, injuring 19 people here at the corner of Frenchmen and North Villere.

While the number of victims makes this incident stand out, unfortunately shootings are too common in New Orleans. In fact, it's the area's second shooting in a week.

The Original Big Seven, the group that organized Sunday's event, says it has held its annual Mother's Day parade for over a decade. It was the first shooting to take place at the event.

Two young children and a journalist were among the injured, and though no one was killed, tragedies like these leave a mark on the city.

'It's very horrible,' said 7th Ward resident Kenneth Hickman. 'Sorry it happened. I hope they found who did it.'

'I am very ashamed in saying that we can't have a good function without something like this happening. It's not saying that is because it's a second line, because it's a culture thing with us, and it so happens it's a few youngsters that usually got us in a wrong way,' said 7th Ward resident Phillip Horn.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu responded, pointing out another shooting in Martin Luther King Day.

He says he even specialness of the day like Mother's Day does not interrupt the violence that plagues the city.

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