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NEW ORLEANS -- Monica Hernandez was parking outside Sci Tech Academy when her car became trapped in a deep hole next to the curb.

But it became an Action Report when school staffers said she was the latest in a long line of victims to get trapped here.

'You know you try to do a good thing, you're mentoring a little girl at an elementary school, and you park, and your car gets stuck in a pothole,' Monica said. 'I mean, I had to call out the tow truck, I'm going to be late for work.'

'I was stuck last year at one point,' said Sci Tech Academy Principal Tim Hearin.

Hearin said so many people have gotten stuck, they've called 311.

'For the last three years, it has been the same story, cars are constantly getting stuck in there,' said Hearin. 'Our kids who are currently playing sports over there are constantly having to pull cars out, me and my assistant principal are constantly having to pull cars out. It's been a task.'

School Principal Tim Hearin said the only time he's had luck getting this hole filled is by Mosquito Control when he's called to say this is full of water breeding mosquitoes. So I'm contacting the mayor's office, the director of Public Works, and the Recovery School District to see what can be done to end this problem.

I suggested covering the spot with concrete to keep the hole from returning. Meanwhile, the tow truck driver got Monica's car free.

'I'm finally free, can finally drive off. Thankfully I didn't need to get towed, the driver was able to just help me get on out,' Monica said. 'I am so embarrassed, and this is going to be all over tonight's news.'

And it is, but hopefully other drivers won't get trapped.

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