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BOGALUSA-For Patricia Pittman, talking about her son, 24-year-old Rico McGowan, is still upsetting.She says McGowan was taking college classes and trying to keep his football career going, but a year ago Saturday, his murder changed all of that.

'That's the worst thing to do for a mother to have to put away their son and for someone to take their son's life,' she said.

Police say it happened here at the Sunset Acres housing project in Bogalusa, where Rico was staying with a female friend.

'It was more of a robbery-type home invasion,'said Bogalusa Police Chief Joe Culpepper. 'I believe they went there for something specific and when he resisted their efforts to rob him, they shot him.'

'When the ambulance driver was leaving after standing there for a while, I just knew right then that, you know, that was it, my son was gone,' said Pittman.

In the time since the murder, no one has been arrested, and McGowan's family wants that to change.

Pittman said, 'It's horrifying and terrifying because there's a lot of unanswered questions that I don't have. It's just hard to deal with.'

Family members aren't the only ones hoping new information comes out about what happened; law enforcement is too.

Culpepper said, 'We have pretty much run out of all the leads we had, the physical evidence didn't do much for us and what we need now is somebody to come forward with some new information on the actual crime.'

And there is hope that will happen.

'We just recently solved one that was 6 months old,' said Culpepper, 'Sometimes they aren't a really speedy process, but eventually the wheels of justice will turn in the victim's favor.'

Family and friends are holding a memorial gathering for McGowan Saturday night at 'The Rec' in Varnado.If you have any information about this case, call Bogalusa Police.
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