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NEW ORLEANS, La. -- Three Atlanta DJs were fired over a controversial skit mocking Steve Gleason and his battle with ALS, and people are outraged.

'This is inhuman. I can't believe anyone would stoop so low as far as mocking somebody who is dying,' said one caller on WWL Radio Monday night.

Several callers sounded off on WWL Radio after learning an Atlanta radio station made fun of Steve Gleason and his deteriorating condition because of ALS. Many quickly defended the iconic and beloved former Saints player.

'My husband was diagnosed one day and before two years he was dead,' said second caller. 'So now we have someone of notoriety who, like I said, has chosen to become a warrior in this fight.'

'You don't do stuff like this, you don't talk about somebody who is dying,' said WWL Radio Host Deke Bellavia. 'You just don't do it.'

The outrage spread quickly. Within just a few hours of the radio show's on-air skit, which mocked Gleason's computer generated voice, all three hosts were fired.

'I can't say what I thought about it on TV because it was kind of like, 'those stupid you know what' and I said I can't believe they did that,' said WWL Radio Host Bobby Hebert.

Hebert says he got his first big break in radio at that very Atlanta station> He said he knows the men behind the joke all to well.

'I guess if I didn't know them I would be like, how in the world could they do that? But I am not surprised because they are kind of on the edge,' said Hebert during the radio broadcast Monday.

Team Gleason told Eyewitness News they are aware of the segment, but have no comment. All three hosts have since apologized, including Nick Cellini, who tweeted about his firing, saying he 'got what I deserved.'

If you'd like to support Team Gleason and donate to finding a cure for ALS, click here.

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