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NEWORLEANS - A bus service that thousands of people use each month to go between New Orleans and Baton Rouge is set to stop running.

A lack of funding is to blame for the end to the service that has been around since 2005.

The program was created as a temporary option for people to travel between New Orleans and Baton Rouge as they recovered from Hurricane Katrina.

Federal funding runs out at the end of June. To keep it running, the Department of Transportation and Development would need $750,000 a year.

A recent survey of more than 300 LA Swift riders showed exactly what passengers are using the service for:

  • 51 percent said they use it to get to work, which ranges in industries from healthcare and social assistance to education.
  • 14 percent of riders use the bus to access healthcare services.

Because commuters have grown accustomed to the service for basic needs like working and going to the doctor, they are not letting it end without a fight.

A petition on has over 500 signatures to keep in in service.

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