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METAIRIE, La. -- The fishing pier at the Bonnabel Boat Launch is a popular place, or at least it was before Hurricane Isaac.

'A lot of people. We come out here, and they bring their children, and they fish off the pier, and they enjoy it,' said Metairie Resident Sal Scardino. 'But lately, it's been 10 months. It's been closed since I think Hurricane Isaac.'

The storm surge kicked up by Isaac damaged some of the braces for the pilings, a few of the support beams for the walkway, and some planks on the decking.

So parish leaders barricaded the pier.

'I thought maybe a couple of weeks or months they'd look into it, but we kept coming out, and kept seeing the yellow tape across the front of it,' said Scardino.

'It's great to see people fishing off the fishing pier. It's usually very crowded, but unfortunately it has, you know, it got some structural damage during the hurricane, and it is just taking us a while to get it back up and running,' explained Jefferson Parish Councilwoman Cynthia Lee Sheng.

This is the good news, bad news portion of the story. The good news is last week the parish did accept bids from companies interested in fixing up the pier. The bad news is once the low bidder is determined, the parish council has to approve it. That might not happen until the August meeting, and then the company has up to 120 days to finish the work.

So it could be some time before these locks, chains and barriers are removed, and the pier reopened.

'I was hoping to fish this summer, but it looks like now it won't be until the end of the year,' Scardino said.

'We were making some FEMA claims, so that obviously takes a bit longer for that process,' said Sheng.

Parish leaders want the contractor to make the pier stronger for the next storm surge.

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