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NEW ORLEANS -- St. Bernard Avenue between Filmore and Robert E. Lee is challenging, with ruts, potholes, dips and hills frustrating those behind the wheel.

'It's really annoying at times, because you have to drive really, really slow,' said Amy Kassa. 'When it rains it's even horrible because it's kind of like a hill, and all the water comes rushing towards us.'

At the time of the first Action Report last year, residents were begging for help.

'It's a war zone, it's an absolute war zone,' Wayne Neveu said then.

'I'm mad as hell, Bill,' Donald Gueringer said last year.

But the state said the project was too big for the Submerged Roads program, and the city said it was on the list of projects awaiting funding.

So how much work has been done?

'Absolutely nothing,' said Gueringer. 'We've been getting broken promises for the last five years.'

They were mad last summer. This year they're infuriated, saying this is inexcusable eight years after Hurricane Katrina and that it's time something was done.

Well, the director of the New Orleans Department of Public Works says he's been listening to them, and he's ready to take action.

'Design is done, we're waiting for a bond sale to have funds for construction on St. Bernard,' said Colonel Mark Jernigan.

A $6 million makeover is planned after bonds to pay for it are sold next year.

'What we're looking at is a total reconstruction, so that's new street pavement, that's drainage system rebuild, water lines, sewer lines,' said Jernigan.

'Glory Hallelujah!' exclaimed Gueringer.

'This is pretty severe,' added Amy.

They expect the work to start in the fall of 2014, and take a year to complete.

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