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NEWORLEANS - Eyewitness Morning News anchor and 'The 504' host Melanie Hebert announced her decision to resign on Tuesday.

She wrote the following message on her Facebook profile.

Dear Facebook friends,

I thought it would be much harder to write this post, but it is with great relief right now that I am sharing my big news with you. For a while I have considered moving to Baton Rouge where my husband works. I have had a very good job at WWL and he has had a very good job in Baton Rouge, so we have tried to keep both jobs with demanding (and opposite) schedules while raising a baby. Waking up at 2 am for work is never easy, but added to our other challenges frankly it just seems crazy, and we've been doing it for too long. We have so many blessings we should be able to enjoy each day but the truth is we have been spread too thin, and I have been struggling with this decision for a long time. My bosses at WWL understand and support my decision, and I am grateful they have given me the opportunities I've had here. But it is with bittersweet feelings I'm letting you know that I'm resigning and moving to Baton Rouge. My last day at WWL will be Tuesday, July 23. It's quite a coincidence I'm announcing this today since one year ago I made my on-air debut on this very same day.

Even though I have given a lot of thought to my next steps professionally, I've decided to first take some time off. I do have some ideas on what I would eventually like to pursue after we get settled in BR and am excited about some projects I would like to begin, but first I will be busy selling and buying a house and would like to finally get some sleep and spend some quality time with my wonderful son, my husband and some of my closest friends who I have barely seen since I moved home. Although I love television news, I think I would like to try something new, and a more family-friendly job. But who knows, maybe after a while I'll miss it too much and end up back in the industry I've loved. I have spent virtually all of my twenties and my early thirties in news during a significant decade for this industry and the way it operates. I've seen a dramatic shift in the way we communicate... and I embrace it and feel blessed to have had the experience I did in TV news for the past 11 years. I am so thankful for everyone who has been so supportive, and I know I will be able to use my broadcast journalism experience to continue to grow professionally and personally in the next phase of my life.

On that note I will continue to write here on Facebook and Twitter and I will be around both Baton Rouge and New Orleans quite a bit so I won't be a stranger, and I hope you all won't be strangers to me either.

Please keep me in your prayers as this is a bit scary, but after deep thought and prayer I am finally certain it's the right decision and I know I am fortunate to be able to make it. Thanks again, for so many good years... in Baton Rouge, California and my hometown of New Orleans...


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