As the run-up to the 2013 NFL season hits its stretch run 19 days and counting before training camp begins we thought at it'd be a good time to get the blood flowing for Saints fans.

And what better way to do so than by looking back at some of the biggest or most impressive wins in the Sean Payton Era.

Certainly our order can be dissected and changed and a game we left off could be put on the list. Feel free to leave your thoughts or memories on the particular game chosen today below in the comments section.

No. 10: Saints handle Cowboys in '06
No. 9: Saints maul Falcons in '11
No. 8: Saints overcome deficit, Dolphins in '09
No. 7: Saints ride Deuce to playoff win in '06
No. 6: Saints gives Steelers nightmares on Halloween in '10

5. New Orleans takes down team of Aughts (Nov. 30, 2009)
Saints 38, Patriots 17
New Orleans was 10-0 and New England was 7-3 heading into this post-Thanksgiving Monday night showdown and, locally at least, the idea was that the Saints were the team to beat in the NFL by this point.

Still, the Patriots being the Patriots, led by Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, New Orleans was only a two-point favorite at home.

How'd the Saints respond? They annihilated the team of the aughts, averaging a franchise-record 9.6 yards per offensive play while forcing three New England turnovers.

In a showdown of the game's best quarterbacks, New Orleans' Drew Brees outplayed New England's Brady, going 18 of 23 for 371 yards and five touchdowns and recording the second perfect QB rating in franchise history.

The Patriots got back to as close as 24-17 on a Laurence Maroney touchdown run, but in a little less than a minute and a half, the Saints pushed the lead back to 14 when Brees hit tight end Darnell Dinkins for a two-yard touchdown pass.

In many ways, while the win over Miami earlier in the season gave the team ultimate confidence, this victory opened the nation's eyes into just how good the Saints really could be.

This game would resonate months later when the Saints faced down Indianapolis in the Super Bowl, playing the other most-consistent team of the decade. Because of New Orleans' win over New England, many believed anything was possible.

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