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HARVEY, La. -- Since Saturday morning investigators have been canvassing a Harvey neighborhood for 6-year-old Ahlittia North, who vanished from her parent's home in the middle of the night.

Ahlittia appears to have vanished without a trace.

'This started at 9 a.m. (Saturday) morning, so it concerns us greatly that we haven't even received one tip,' said Col. John Fortunato with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office.

Now, as every minute passes by, her family is fearing the worst.

'I just hope she is alive and that somebody sees her and brings her home,' said Lakeitha Felo.

Ahlittia's mother told police she put her daughter to bed at 11 p.m. Friday, but when she woke up Saturday morning, the front door was open and Ahlittia was gone.

Also missing from the home, the 6-year-old's blanket, toothbrush and toothpaste.

'That in itself caused us some concern because we had no signs of forced entry,' Fortunato said.

Since then investigators have exhausted every resource.

'We have gone door to door to every one of this apartment complexes,' Fortunato said. 'We've checked garbage cans, we have gone to the next street over conducting canvasses of people in and around that area.'

Other police agencies have been called in to help in the search, including members of the FBI.

So far investigators have focused their search a thick, wooded area just across the street from the girl's home. Deputies have also focused their attention on Max Drive, the street just behind the apartment complex.

Family members are also doing what they can, passing out fliers to people around the neighborhood. 'Ya know people have been volunteering to look for her and pass out fliers which is real, real nice,' said Felo.

Still, as deputies continue to look for clues, all Ahlittia's family can do is hope for her safe return.

Investigators say they are looking to North's parents for clues. The family claims North is not the type to wander off by herself and now fear it is possible someone close to the family may have taken her.

If you have any information on North's whereabouts, contact the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office at 504-364-5300.

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