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ST. TAMMANY-The words 'welcome back to school' can be exciting for families and teachers, but exhausting to prepare for.

Third-grade teacher Theresa Curtis said, 'I've done my check, my double check, my triple check. I've woken up in the night and made my list.I think I'm there.'

But a parent-teacher organization in the Abita Springs area tried out a new approach to those last-day-before-school jitters by getting the staff from the area elementary and middle schools together, with parents, for a back-to-school luncheon.

'Getting to know them a little bit better before they have our kids all day, every day, for the next nine months,' said Janet Dufrene, a parent of three.

Law enforcement is also getting ready for school by sending out a message to drivers that the rules of the road are changing.

Slidell Police Chief Randy Smith said, 'We'll have officers staged in the school zones to remind people of that, we want them to use caution, be aware and obey all the school zones, obey the traffic crossing guards, remind people that the buses will be out.'

But for those who don't follow the rules, Smith said, 'After about two weeks, then it's open season.We'll be writing tickets and do what we have to do to keep our children safe.'

It's a community effort many are ready to kick off.

Dufrene said, 'It's not just me dropping my kids off and them teaching them all day. We're working together to educate our children.'

'We're building a community here, we have a great community, it's a beautiful community, and I just love that we're all working for the same purpose,' said Curtis.

Washington Parish Schools also being Friday.Tangipahoa Parish starts on Monday.
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