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NEWORLEANS-- Patricia Nelson restored to her Central City neighborhood after Katrina. But now she's afraid, because the side wall of the long empty house next door is leaning dangerously towards her home.

'I am very frightened,' said Nelson. 'I am very frightened because I can't even walk through my alley or anything because I'm so afraid this house is going to come down.'

The view from her windows is of the decaying structure. When the side wall separated two months ago, her brother nailed two small boards in place. That's what is keeping the collapsing wall from hitting her home.

'The house is so weak, it's like if a hard wind comes, it's gonna be on my house.'

But her fear turns to anger when she talks about seeking help from the City to take care of the blight.

'It's just ridiculous that I have to live like this here, with this house been like this way before Katrina,' said Nelson. 'And I have asked the City time and time after to come out, and please try to help me, and they just keep on just ignoring me, and haven't did anything to help me out.'

The roof of the neighboring structure is extremely close to Patricia's house, and in parts the whole wall is falling. She says boards are beginning to slip, even though her brother tried to nail them in place.

It's very dangerous to be right where I'm syanding, so I'm contacting the City, asking them to declare this an emergency, and do what's needed to be done, to protect Patricia and her home.

But a week after I contacted the Mayor's Office, there's been no response. Patricia is fed up.

'I'm really thinking about relocating,' she said. 'I'm really thinking about relocating out of New Orleans.'

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