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***Warning, graphic video***

NEW ORLEANS The New Orleans Police Department is looking for a man captured on video beating a woman and putting her into a car before driving off.

The incident occurred early Friday morning in the 300 block of Loyola Avenue.

The surveillance video shows a suspect dressed in red entering a hotel lobby and knocking down and then dragging a woman outside. Once outside, the suspect strikes the woman some more and drags her into a car before driving off.

Another woman is seen on camera and she appears to know the suspect. Her relationship to the suspect and the victim is unclear. Police said they believe the incident is domestic.

In the midst of investigating the kidnapping and battery, a six-year-old child who is believed to be related to some of the people in the video, was found alone in a hotel room that had been booked by one of the adults involved.

Police said they had been in contact with a female who was involved in the incident and that there was no intention of the child being retrieved.

The child was placed in protective custody, police said.

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