A major change is coming to one part of uptown New Orleans, as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is getting rid of trees along Jefferson Avenue, in order to prepare for an upcoming drainage project.

Digging up the trees is the first step to completing the $52 million project, as part of an effort to add ten year storm protection to the area.

Crews are working to add more drainage, and will be constructing approximately 3,000 feet of an underground drainage canal along Jefferson Avenue, from S. Claiborne Avenue to Dryades Street.

Before the actual construction can begin in September, the neutral ground has to be cleared of all trees and shrubs on Jefferson between S. Claiborne and Daneel Street, and that is the work that will begin this week.

Traffic is not expected to be impacted but officials warn that at some point southbound traffic on Jefferson will be detoured to Nashville, while northbound traffic will remain on Jefferson Avenue.

Soon after the project is complete in the fall of 2017, landscaping is expected to be restored to the street.

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