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NEWORLEANS- The federal public corruption and bribery case against former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin is now on a fast track for trial.

Prosecutors and defense attorneys have now agree to a list of stipulations as one of the last orders of business before the case moves to the courtroom next month.

They are the uncontested facts both sides plan to present to the jury.

'This is a case that is clearly teed up for trial,' said Loyola Law Professor Dane Ciolino.

The just released document gives a road map of the evidence expected to come out during the trial. One name that comes to light for the first time is businessman and restaurateur David White.

White is a long time Nagin associate who served as Nagin's campaign treasurer and transition team member.

Prosecutors plan to present information stemming from eight of White's bank accounts and a half dozen of his companies.

'That suggests to me that the government is just following the money and perhaps some alleged bribe or extortion payments went through these accounts,' said Ciolino.

The list of of stipulations also goes into greater detail about a person named in the indictment as 'Businessman A'...who prosecutors say received waivers from Nagin on taxes owed by his eastern New Orleans movie theater.

According to the new document, the theater is the now defunct Grand of the East owned by theater mogul George Solomon.

The stipulations connect Solomon's company Southern Theatres to a charter jet company called Net Jets.

Nagin is accused of accepting private jet travel for a trip to New York City.

'One or more witnesses will come and testify that Mr. Nagin received a free private jet flight out of New Orleans, then the documents will show who paid for the flight and who was on the flight,' said Ciolino.

The stipulations also include bank accounts and business records from Nagin's Chief Technology Officer Greg Meffert, city vendor Mark St. Pierre, airport construction contractor Frank Fradella and city contractor Rodney Williams.

The former Nagin associates cut deals with the government and are lined up to testify against the former mayor.

There is also a reference to Randy's Lawn Care.

It's alleged that St. Pierre was paying to cut the grass at Nagin's home.

Prosecutors also plan to bring up school records from Louise McGehee School where Nagin's daughter attended classes.

'They have gone to even the smallest service providers, like a lawn care company to get financial records to show who was paying for good and services that benefitted the mayor,' said Ciolino.

Nagin is accused of receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in kickbacks during his two terms of office along with free loads of granite for a family business and trips to Hawaii, Jamaica and other places.

Nagin continues to maintain he did nothing improper or illegal and has said he looks forward to proving his innocence in court.

His trial is now expected to begin October 28.

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