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NEW ORLEANS -- The state epidemiologist, Dr. Raoult Ratard, says chlorine will have to be used to further disinfect the St. Bernard water system, but he says it is not that uncommon for this amoeba to be in the water.

However, he said it is rare for anyone to become infected.

In the video shown above, Ratard brings out a skull to show the paper-thin, perforated area at the top of the nostril that the amoeba has to reach to get to the brain.

'So the amoeba has to go all the way up the nose, and he goes through here, and he gets into the brain,' he said.

Ratard said it is not likely for water with the amoeba to get up that far into the nostril, and when you are aware of the possible danger, it is easy to prevent it from going up the nose.

'Now when you take a shower you are going to have a few drops of water here,' Ratard said. 'That's not a problem. When you take a bath, don't put your head under the water. Because then you might have water going all the way up. If you have a little baby or small child that's going to stay in the water, watch the child. You can still bath your child, your baby, in the water, but make sure you watch the baby so he does not splash and puts his head under the water.'

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