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BATONROUGE -- United Airlines says it will honor the mispriced fares it sold on its website Thursday. The airline says a glitch in its computer system accidentally priced fares for $10 or less. One Louisiana man scored a cheap roundtrip ticket to Hawaii.

On Thursday, a few lucky travelers made out like bandits, buying up cheap United Airlines fares that seem just too good to be true.

'I checked travel over Thanksgiving: $5 to San Francisco, $5 to Los Angeles, $5 to San Diego. I checked Miami and Tampa, $5 and $5. Washington, D.C, $5; New York, $5. I was like, you've got to be kidding me.' said Dawnica Jackson

For two hours, the website advertised cheap flights to some of the hottest destinations -- including Hawaii.

'You can see here, three different flights for just $10 a piece,' said Baton Rouge resident Josh Dean. As soon as he saw the hot deal, he jumped on it.

'I was expecting about $1,100 or $1,200 for the tickets, and I got them for $10,' Dean said.

A friend who works for the airline told Dean the fare was the real deal. He says he wasn't sold until he got this confirmation email from United.

'I immediately thought, I should go back and buy some more tickets, but the website was down by that point,' Dean said.

United reported that an error on its website caused the airline to sell tickets from zero to $10..

The airline isn't saying how many people walked away with the scorching hot deals before the error was spotted.

'I still can't believe it,' Dean said. 'It's crazy.'

Jackson and other lucky fliers are still in disbelief too.

Friday afternoon, United Airlines announced it would honor those fares, which means Dean got a trip to Maui for $10. And Jackson is getting a round-trip ticket to Washington, D.C and a New York getaway with her son for $15.

'I don't know if I feel like I won the lottery, but it felt nice to have good luck. It was just freaky,' Jackson said.

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