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ST. TAMMANY- A Mandeville father is expressing his frustration after police closed the investigation into his daughter's claims of an attempted abduction.

Three weeks ago, law enforcement started looking into the 11-year-old's story of a man pulling up beside her after she got off the bus in her Mandeville neighborhood. The girl told police the man asked if she needed a ride, and when she ran to her door, she says the man followed her. The girl gave a description of the man, which was developed into a sketch, which was released to the public later that night. A vehicle description was also provided to the community to look for.

But Mandeville Police said Tuesday in a press release, 'Detectives, along with the assistance of several other law enforcement agencies, after having thoroughly investigated this incident have been unable to corroborate any evidence of the victim's account in this matter. Detectives have exploited every available resource, from sex offender registries, telephonic tips, area surveillance cameras, and video from the school bus from that day to no avail. Additionally, inconsistent and contradictory statements regarding the incident were made during the investigation. As such, the MPD has concluded that this reported incident is unsubstantiated.'

Thursday, the girl's father disputed that statement saying, 'My daughter went through several interviews for hours at a time on three occasions. Her story never changed. That allegation is not true.'

David Crawford told Eyewitness News his daughter has faced harassment at school, being called a liar by other kids, since the police statement.

'She already had to endure a horrifying event and now has to suffer the indignity and ridicule of public humiliation when her only crime was wanting to tell the truth and believing in the Police,' he said.

Mandeville Police said it stands by its statement and have no further comment.

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